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Paul Vousden

The rain could not stop us! We put up the Gazebo and lit the eco grills 13 Adults and 18 children toasted marshmallow for S'mores andd sang camp songs until the eco grills burnt to nothing.

Sarah Vousden

The mini-Vousdens love nothing better than Al-fresco dining with an Ecogrill. Always followed by S'mores of course!!

Faye thorpe

Barbecue in Cornwall with my friends. Waiting for the Ecogrill to be ready!

Nicola Robin

Family fun around the grill :-)

Flo Bennett

Perfect evening at Hayle Towans- loved the ecolog, finished up our supper with marshmallows and watching some impressive kite surfing against the sunset.

Andrew Booth, Grace Crawford

Lovely evening at Daymer Bay pan frying a freshly caught Pollock, with a glass of Healeys cyder :-)

Mark Quinn

Eco-grills are fab. We went on a sausage sizzler bike adventure and as the eco grill is so light it's ideal to transport. Unfortunately Maisie didn't like sausages and ended up toasting plain rolls and 5 marshallows - fun all round though!

EcoGrill at Hells Mouth

Liz at Cornish Tipi Holidays

Using the EcoGrill for cooking at Cornish Tipi Holidays - fantastic!


freshly caught trout cooked on an eco grill
This was my first official Recipe Blog cook up. I used an EcoGrill in my old kettle BBQ and it worked really well. I lit it and waited about 20 minutes then started cooking some vegetables and the peri-peri chicken after that. It worked really well and the family liked the taste. The EcoGrill was still going strong three hours after I lit it but I didn't have anything left to cook!

Free EcoGrill

on Tuesday, 06 December 2011. Posted in Customer Memories

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